Safe Travels

Many people, who are able to, travel during the summer – in fact at St Giles’ we’ve just welcomed back some of our choristers who have spent a week in Cumbria at the Morland Chorister Camp. Soon, we’ll be waving off some of our parishioners as they make their annual pilgrimage to the shrine at Walsingham abbey. And at the end of September, we’re organising a trip to the majestic Winchester Cathedral.

If you or someone you know is travelling this summer, we wish you well. (And if you’re staying in Camberwell we wish you an enjoyable time too!)

A prayer for your journey:

Be to us, O Lord,
a support in our setting out,
a comfort by the way,
a shadow in the heat,
a covering in the rain and cold,
a conveyance in weariness,
a protection in adversity,
a staff in unsteady ways,
and a port in shipwreck;
that, with you being our Leader,
we may reach the place we seek,
and at length we may return again to our home in safety.