Premises Hire

St Giles’ has a number of halls and venues which are available to hire.

Parish Hall
The hall building is located at 161 Benhill Road. Some parts are permanently let out, Camberwell Choir School operates from 10am to 3.30pm on Saturdays and it is usually fully booked each Sunday.

The Main Hall is available on Monday to Friday day times, weekday evenings and for parties on Saturdays. It has a capacity of 300 people. As it is not soundproofed and is near a large estate so there is a limit of 11pm on amplified speech or music. This cannot be negotiated. The Saturday evening cost is £450 for 4pm-Midnight.

The Crypt
The Crypt is fully licensed for public entertainment and alcohol sales. It consists of a Stage, Bar and Kitchen and is able to hold around 100 people. It’s located below the Church Building and is virtually soundproof.

Every Friday night the Crypt is used from 6pm-1am for our Jazz Club. It is available on every other day of the week, however. On Thursdays and Saturday evenings we have a licence for events which can finish up to 1.30am. On Sundays to Wednesdays our licence allows us to host events up to 11pm. In the past, the crypt has been hired for art installations, filming, private parties, band rehearsals and gigs.

St Giles’ Centre Hall
The hall in the St Giles’ Centre is part of the Office and residential complex facing the Church on the opposite side of Camberwell Church Street. It is a wood panelled room with tables and chairs for around 40 people. It is available for hire during Monday-Saturday day times and some evenings. A small kitchen is available for use and the hall contains a piano.

St Giles’ Church
Ordinarily, the church is not available for hire although we always consider making exceptions. The church is a place of worship above all else – but we do host musical concerts and recitals throughout the year. In the past we have hosted art installations, talks and even Christmas Tree Festivals – as well as allowing the church to be used for TV and in Films.

To get in touch about hiring the Parish Hall, St Giles’ Centre Hall or the church please contact the parish office. For more information about hiring the crypt please contact or visit the Jazz Club site.