Christian Men’s Group

The Christian Men’s Group of the parish of St Giles’ with St Matthew was officially inaugurated on Sunday 4th November 2012.

The main aim of the group is to promote the Christian faith by providing support for one another; and to unite St Giles’ and St Matthew’s brethren as well as promoting Christian values in the wider community.

Objectives include humbly supporting, helping and edifying one another; to nurture and practice family values; to respect, value and honour women and children; to encourage and engage the wider community in the value of Christian faith and to uphold Christ’s teaching; to pray for and to support the people of the world.

Recently the group made donations to two homelessness charities, the Waterloo Christian Day Centre on Webber Street, SE1 and Missionaries of Charity on St. George’s Road, SE1. The donation to the Waterloo Christian Day Centre was made just before Father’s day – as most of the men there were fathers without their families.
The group is currently liaising with some parishes to provide guidelines and guidance to them for setting up and carrying out similar projects. They are encouraging all interested parish members to contact them without any hesitation.

The Bishop of Woolwich, Michael Ipgrave, is the patron of the group and officiated and celebrated the group’s 2nd anniversary thanksgiving service on Sunday 9th November 2014.