Free St Giles’ events this week

We have three free events this week for you to enjoy!
Camberwell Free Film

As part of the Camberwell Free Film Festival, we’re showing the 1961 classic ‘The Fabulous Baron Munchausen’ at 7.30pm on Wednesday 5th April in church. The next day, the crypt will be open to show ‘Kairo’ with doors opening at 8pm on Thursday 6th April.

Finally, join us at 1pm on Friday 7th April to hear the Khorasan String Quartet perform works by Mendelssohn and Shostokowich.

Evensong this Saturday, 4.30pm

MorlandJoin us for choral evensong on Saturday 11th of March at St Giles’, sung by the ‘Friends of Morland’ and conducted by Norman Harper, Director of Music at St George’s Catholic Cathedral in Southwark. The organist is Ashley Valentine.

Music includes Balfour Gardiner’s Evening Hymn, Sumsion in A Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis & Graham Ellis’ ‘Morland’ responses.

St Giles’ choristers have been visiting the Morland Chorister Camp each summer for many years and we are delighted to host evensong again in London. The service should last approximately 50 minutes and is free. All very welcome.

Lent & Holy Week at St Giles’

Our 2017 Lentern journey began on Ash Wednesday – the day after Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day. During our service, we were marked on the forehead with a cross of ashes as a sign of saying sorry to God for any wrong doing and as a reminder of our mortality.

During the 40 days of Lent, we remember the time when Jesus went into the desert to fast and pray. Although everyone’s journey is different, Lent can mean a time of reflection, preparation, simplicity, fasting or giving up certain things – as well as being a time to seek forgiveness. At St Giles’ you may notice the church is quite bare: there are no flowers and even the music which accompanies our services is sombre in nature.

Holy Week this year will begin on Palm Sunday (9th of April) when we begin our service walking around St Giles’ singing, commemorating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Our said services at the start of the week reflect certain events leading to Jesus sharing supper with his friends on Maundy Thursday. Finally, on Good Friday, we tell the story of Jesus’ death on the cross.

Service times for Holy Week are on the right hand side of the page. Everyone is welcome at St Giles’ and we hope that you’re able to visit us at some point in the coming weeks. We also look forward to the next part of the story and invite you to share in our joy on Easter Day..