Our church is your church

General Election Chillax June '17
In June and July, St Giles’ is hosting a veritable smorgasbord of musical events. We have garden piano music jams, string quartets, vocal duos and two organ recitals on general election day. Jazz in the crypt continues each Friday night and Saturday 24th June is Organoke, our very own live karaoke session accompanied by the mighty organ.

2019 will mark the 175th anniversary of the consecration of our present church building, designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott. Of course, the history of St Giles’ in Camberwell goes back a long way before that. Besides the medieval church which was destroyed by a fire in 1841, an earlier stone-built building existed and before that, a wooden church is listed in the Domesday book and was described as being surrounded by woodland. There were probably even earlier church buildings and Christian communities here, the origins of which are now lost.

Choral Evensong - June '17For over a thousand years, this church and the ones which preceded it were the focal point of the community of Camberwell. And whilst so much has changed, our Christian community endures – as does our desire to use our present church building for the good of our community today.

You may be here for a baptism or a wedding, or perhaps attending the funeral of a loved one. You may be a regular Sunday morning worshiper, or someone attending a civic event. If it’s a Friday night, you might be coming here for jazz and a few drinks or if it’s a rainy afternoon, an art student popping in to sketch something. You might be just mad enough to be singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of your voice at organoke!

Whatever faith you hold – or none – you are very welcome in this place at any of our events. Our church is your church.



Wishing you a blessed Holy Week and Easter from all at St Giles’


We really hope that you’re able to join us at the culmination of our lenten journey this week. You may know the story well, vaguely or not at all – but the events which took place leading to Jesus’ death on the cross are as powerful and as relevant in today’s world as they have ever been. And we know that the story never ends..

We have a lot of services this week – and you are very welcome. Our Easter Vigil on Saturday 15th of April at 8pm is not a ‘well-known’ about service – but it is one of the most poignant occasions in our church life. The ‘Exultet’ is sung and is an ancient hymn of the church and recounts the saving acts of God in the Old and New Testaments. Why not come along and hear it for yourself?

We thank you that Easter is not about a people,
but all people,
that your love and your Salvation
are for all who confess
with voices, hearts and lives
that the tomb is empty
because Jesus is risen,
that we might know forgiveness,
that lives might be reborn
and your name
glorified now and for eternity.

Free St Giles’ events this week

We have three free events this week for you to enjoy!
Camberwell Free Film

As part of the Camberwell Free Film Festival, we’re showing the 1961 classic ‘The Fabulous Baron Munchausen’ at 7.30pm on Wednesday 5th April in church. The next day, the crypt will be open to show ‘Kairo’ with doors opening at 8pm on Thursday 6th April.

Finally, join us at 1pm on Friday 7th April to hear the Khorasan String Quartet perform works by Mendelssohn and Shostokowich.