Visiting Us

St Giles’ is a place where you’ll find people of all ages and people from many different countries and traditions. Quite possibly, you’ll find people just like yourself!

Visiting any church for the first time can be a little daunting but we aim to be friendly and welcoming. If you’re visiting St Giles’ for a concert, organised visit or just for a look around, we really hope you enjoy being in our beautiful church. If you’d like to find out more about what we do, there’s lots of posters, leaflets and flyers at the back of church to take read and take away.

If you’re coming to a service, please do let one of our sidespersons know you’re visiting us for the first time and we’ll show you how the service works and what you can expect. Alternatively, you might want to say hello after a service whilst drinking some of our ‘famous’ Camberwell coffee!

You might have a few questions before visiting us – here’s some answers you might find useful:

What time are the services?
On Sundays, we have a 8am Said Mass and 10am Parish Mass. The Parish Mass is our main service of the week and includes music and junior and senior Sunday schools. There’s also Said Masses on Mondays at 12.15pm (church open from 12pm), Wednesdays at 10am and Thursdays at 7pm. There’s also lots of extra services throughout the year, particularly at major festivals like Christmas and Easter.

What do I wear?
The best answer is: the clothes you are most comfortable in! Our congregation wear anything from casual to ‘Sunday best’. Sometimes, depending on the type of service, people make a special effort to dress up – particularly for baptisms and weddings! But Jesus and his followers dressed like normal people of their day, so we will never question your choice of clothing.

Are children welcome?
Children are very welcome at St Giles’. At our main Parish Mass on Sundays, we hold Junior and Senior Sunday Schools during the service which you might like your child to join in on. St Giles’ Church Choir is also made up of choristers from the age of 7+

What are the services about?
As a Christian community that has existed at St Giles’ for many centuries, we come together to discover, and show more of, God’s love.

Our services explore the Bible, through readings, to reveal how words written long ago can have a positive impact in our daily 21st Century lives. We take time to pray for the world, our community and ourselves. Through Holy Communion, a simple meal of bread and wine, we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection. And we come together to care for one another, to form friendships which can last a lifetime and beyond.