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St Giles’ Church Organ

Music enriches our worship at St Giles ‘ and every week, hundreds of people hear music, perform it or practice it in our church.

Camberwell Choir School, Camberwell Community Choir and St Giles’ Choir meet each week to rehearse or hold workshops. St Giles’ has it’s very own Jazz Club underneath the church with Jazz every Friday night. The organ is used for Sunday services, important festivals and teaching and the bells are rung at least once a month by the Docklands ringers. Finally, St Giles’ holds concerts throughout the year and more than twenty children receive piano and singing lessons at church every week.

All this means St Giles’ is a very musical place – so much so that we have our own website,, for you to enjoy. If you want to get involved in any of the groups which meet at church or find out more about concerts and events, please visit our site.